Friday, July 30, 2021

Modded trailer for hauling the Onex

 Got a 2.5 mm "walking plate" aluminium and some bolts. Cut two plates to shape and fastened them with two bolts. The trailer is made so the rear lights swing to the side when the airplane (or boat) is carried.

For the tail wheel I just used the existing bow rest. Removed the rubber to buffer the bow, and inserted two poly-carbonate plates cut to shape. With those plates the tail wheel gear fits like a glow in between and is held secure against swaying to the sides, in the same manner as the bow buffer rubber when a boat is hauled.

With this mod I can simply exchange bow buffer with the plates and I can haul my boat or the Onex as I wish

The aircraft is fastened to the trailer using ropes through the tie down loops in each inner wing.

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Trailer and moving

Family affairs has finally settled. As a result this means moving to a new house and making a new shop to build in (from scratch yet again). First things first, I need a trailer to move the plane, and later to use it to haul the plane to/from the airport. I bought a boat trailer that seems to work, way more than enough weight can be carried, and it is long enough.

I just have to add a couple of plates for the wheels and a different fastening system for the tail wheel. The plane will be travelling in reverse on the road, which should work just fine keeping the speed moderate.