Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Tail wheel

The tail wheel mount need some modifications to get the bolt in there. The space is too small and the bolt is too far down and too long. I don't want to cut too much into the main structure. Seems there are two options.

1. Make a bolt with thread on both sides. This will be able to slip in from the side more easily
2. Make new angles with the hole further up.

I have to think some more about this, and ask what others have done. Maybe there are some much better solutions out there.

The engine paint. I have no idea what kind of paint stick on magnesium. All the paint available are made for cast iron, aluminium at most. Nothing really stick on aluminium without at least an etch primer, and then the primer also have to be heat resistant. VW did not paint the engines. "Barbecue Black" from the local home ware store therefore seems to be the best option after all.

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