Tuesday, April 14, 2015


The "sticky" feel of the engine when left for 30 min is normal according to Sonex, so I just leave it as it is with this Würth gasket compound and all.

The cylinders look nice and black (or nicer and blacker at least).

Took out all the valves from the heads and put them in marked boxes. The heads needs to be cleaned and trimmed. Trimmed the intakes to make a somewhat less obstructive flow path. Rounded the edges mostly.

Monday, April 13, 2015


Read in the book "How to rebuild your Volkswagen air cooled engine" by Tom Wilson that silicone based gasket compound shall NOT be used. I had previously bought the engine compound at Würth, but it is silicone based.

Then I found Würth also has another special gasket compound for engines (motor sealant). It is really strange, more like some odd glue, and red. Smells odd too. Permatex aviation "make a gasket" stuff is nowhere to be found here, and it is "hazard" in shipping, so it's out of the question. This red Würth stuff seems right though (according to the TDS, and used by Rolls Royce for what it's worth), but time will tell.
Update: Skruvat, the largest online auto store here have Permatex Aviation form-a-gasket No.3 Not only do they have it, they list it as a bestseller. Sometimes ...... ##¤¤%&&¤  Well, better order.

Put on the red gasket stuff, mated the halves and torqued according to the Aerovee manual.

Looked good, and the shaft rotates freely. However, when standing for 15-30 min it becomes a bit stuck. The same happens when moving back and forth 1-2 degrees repeatedly. To me it seems a bit to tight, but I will weight and hear what Sonex has to say.

Started with the cyinders and managed to break one piston ring. New ones ordered. Painted the cylinders black (thin cote of "barbecue black"). The cylinders will hopefully heat up enough to cure properly.

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Flywheel shims

The gap shall be between 0.08 mm and 0.15 mm. Stacked up shims so the gap became 0.1 mm. The holes for the dowel pins required deburring before the wheel would seat properly.


Continued with the engine. The pressure regulation valves had to be smoothed a bit to fit. To get them out after finding out they didn't move freely was a bit difficult. Had a metal brush with a plastic handle that fitted exactly, it did the trick.

Then the new conrods had to be trimmed so they didn't collide with the camshaft. Only a small amount of trimming was needed, but had to take it in steps, on and off and it took some time. I also weighed them, but the trimming didn't even show on the scale. They also had to be clean each time. Finally torqued the conrods according to specs.

Last summer I purchased a kit of tools for VW engines from Great Plains. The valve lifter holder proved to be really useful.

The heads from Mofoco looks awful. These have to be cleaned, trimmed and lapped. Purchased some paste and tools from Biltema.