Sunday, January 29, 2017

Reaming wing bolt

When trying to mount the pin lock handle, I run into problems again. The pin just wouldn't enter, and I couldn't understand why. After lots of filing and adjusting, it suddenly became apparent why.

The holes didn't line up. It is obvious the upper hole in the handle should be made after the pin hole is made. Drilled up the hole to 5 mm from 3/16 (4.8 mm). I also widened the lower hole a bit. Then, finally I could operate the handle, and the pin.

Riveted on the rib and drilled and reamed the upper hole for the bolt. It looks like a really good fit. The wing cannot be moved a mm with the bolt and the pin in place. I will do the same for the other wing before drilling/reaming the aft pin hole. That will be the only leverage I have to do fine adjustments in case the wings are a bit twisted. With both of them on using the pin/bolt in the main spar, the aft hole can be adjusted 2 mm up or down. I have no idea how straight they are, I have found no way to measure them without mounting them on the fuselage. Most probable they are perfectly straight due to the laser cut holes from the factory. But then again there have been more than enough errors with these holes...

In addition to the adjustable reamer and the drill doctor, there is one additional tool that makes the whole thing much easier (have no idea what it is called in English):

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Reaming wing pin hole

The I do it is to: First make the plates fit into each other by sanding a little here and there. Then put the wings together without the ribs on the inner section. With the ribs, the drill just won't fit. Then drill up the pin hole in steps to 9.3 mm (number U drill, or N?) This was done in steps, and was rather difficult. I finally got to use my Drill Doctor 500 to something useful. Then I used a adjustable reamer to ream the hole to correct size. How this is supposed to be done without an adjustable reamer is impossible to understand. I did this step vise by widening the reamer with 1/2 turn first, them 1/4 turn, and reamed until the pin just fitted. It is as good as it is possible to get it I think. I also polished the pin first, because that was not done from the factory.

The nylon pin guide needs to be coned up a little to allow the pin to get all through the holes.

Now I need to rivet on the outer ribs, and put the wing back on and ream up the other two holes.

One thing I have completely forgotten was that I had bought the wing pin kit from Ward also. This is with D=10.3 mm instead of 9.5 mm, considerable stronger. I can use that as a reserve in case the holes should widen with time. I don't know, I would probably rather use M10 bolt instead?

Monday, January 23, 2017

Joining the wings

Started with the thing I have not been looking forward to; joining the outer wing panels with the inner and fixing the pins. Moved the fuselage so the wings fit, but need to do some better support so I can adjust and measure correct.


Sunday, January 22, 2017

Rubbing and waxing

The paint on the wing leading edge became a bit too "orange skin" too my likings, so I decided to sand and polish them. I first wet sanded them in two runs with 1000 sand paper. Then I used this rubbing compound and finally polished with yacht polishing, first creamy wax, then hard wax.

The paint I used, Power Coat 3 in 1, is a modified polyester, basically some kind of gelcoat, so using yacht polish seemed natural. Waxing also makes it 10 times easier to wash.

This is the raw paint:

Then after one and two runs of 1000 sand paper.

1000 sand paper makes it completely smooth. Then rubbing makes it even smoother. Finally the wax makes the surface hard and water repellent.

A bit work, but the result is 100% hydraulically smooth finish that should help making the aircraft go fast :-)

Sunday, January 01, 2017


Finished polishing the wings and started painting them. Finished with the gray, and continued with orange. Started painting the trim on the fuselage also,