Tuesday, April 07, 2015


Continued with the engine. The pressure regulation valves had to be smoothed a bit to fit. To get them out after finding out they didn't move freely was a bit difficult. Had a metal brush with a plastic handle that fitted exactly, it did the trick.

Then the new conrods had to be trimmed so they didn't collide with the camshaft. Only a small amount of trimming was needed, but had to take it in steps, on and off and it took some time. I also weighed them, but the trimming didn't even show on the scale. They also had to be clean each time. Finally torqued the conrods according to specs.

Last summer I purchased a kit of tools for VW engines from Great Plains. The valve lifter holder proved to be really useful.

The heads from Mofoco looks awful. These have to be cleaned, trimmed and lapped. Purchased some paste and tools from Biltema.

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