Monday, March 23, 2015

Painting the engine

Found out the "barbecue black" is dissolved by gasoline, and any other solvent. There will be no way to clean it when the paint dissolves. Maybe it will cure when warmed, but that requires at least 200 deg C. The engine casing does not get hotter than 100-120 degrees. The Power Coat 3 in 1 I have been used before takes 200 deg, and the RAL 9006 (aluminium color) takes 250 degrees, so I bought one can. The black went right off with silicone remover, but all the holes and corner was some work. Clean enough for a coat of powercoat.

All this paint stuff has been a real pain a certain place. This Power Coat is good though. The only bad thing is it cant be covered with PU. But now that I have decided to polish the plane, the whole PU "problem" is gone.

The Power Coat gives this satin/matte shine. I will use that for some trimming on the polished skin. That should look cool I think, and it's easy to use.

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