Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Fuel valve, part II

Decided to simply fix the Airward solution so the moment only goes to turning the valve, not bending it sideways. It should work if I handle the valve with care, and if it starts leaking somewhere down the line, I have "installed" the Airward kit for removing the glareshield and wind shield, and can fix things IF that happens.

One thing I saw when I was finished, was that the weight of the fittings would close the valve during high G maneuvers. It would go to a half closed position (theoretically, I doubt it would actually do it due to the friction in the valve). I thought, oh no, gonna do it all over again, but then I remembered the big, red "Airward knob". It balances the fittings almost perfectly and acts in the opposite direction. So everything looks good (hopefully, unless the fuel level probe crashes).

I also primed the whole thing. Things just looks much nicer and "aircrafty" when primed.


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