Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Main lights

I wondered where to put the lights. On the tip, or on the inner wing. I ended up placing it on the inner left wing close to the hole. But, this is a tail dragger, and the light is really meant for nose gear... I had to make a bracket, so I can angle the light down about 7 degrees. I made that from wood. Then I made a plate of aluminium plate (a 1 inch by 2.5 mm rod  actually) to put on the inner side. Drilled hole for the screws and electric wire and threaded one of the hole to M4, so I can just screw it in place without a nut (maybe I will use a nut just to secure it). I will RTV the plate to the skin in the end. I also tried it, Ahh lights :-)

Gave the wooden block an additional cover of paint.

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