Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Camshaft and cranckshaft

I already had purchased 2 sorts of Loctite, and I thought that was more than enough. Then I found out I would need the "strong red" Loctite.

Also purchased a large 20-220 Nm torque wrench at Biltema. My small wrench for AN bolts is not nearly large enough for the torques used in the engine.

Mounted the gear wheel on the camshaft with "strong red" Loctite and torqued to the right spec. Then cleaned the piston rods and bearings and mounted the bearings on the crankshaft. I had the star type bolts. These shall not be locked with "strong red" Loctite, but greased with "moly lube" and torqued much higher, in 4 steps.

"Moly lube", "white litium grease" ? what's wrong with giving some real specs? I used my assembly grease instead. My other book about VW engines also specify "white litium grease", but say that assembly grease is better. Moly lube and white litium grease can be all kinds of things, and I don't know if it even will dissolve properly in engine oil. Assembly grease is made for this kind of work, and will dissolve 100% in engine oil.

Measured the side to side play and it was well within limits. All the rods could be moved easily and freely by hand with the exact same "resistance" from the assembly grease, so I guess they should be OK.

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