Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Rear wing spar, mid wing, polysiloxane paint, engine

Riveted and bolted on the rear wing spar

Then started fluting and deburring and straightening up the ribs for the mid wing section.

I also fetched the polysiloxane test I have had laying on the veranda. It has been there two winters and one summer now, almost 1 1/2 year. There are some superficial signs of corrosion on the non-painted part, but nothing worth mentioning. The polysiloxane painted part looks as if it was painted yesterday.

I can only conclude that the 6061 will last for ever, and the polysiloxane paint will last even longer. Too bad it is impossible to achieve a nice finish.

Sonex found a new rod that weighs 1.5 gram more than mine, leaving me some degree of trimming in case of variations in the scales. They sent it right away, free of charge. Excellent service from Sonex I have to admit. But, this has given me some second thoughts about the engine and the choices done on it.  

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