Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Aviogard and Verhees Delta

I received an answer from MGL (Rainier Lamers) about the Aviogard. I mailed them before it went toast though. He said I could wire a 20W light bulb in series on the positive terminal to the backup battery. Then in series with the bulb, I could wire a reversed biased schottky diode. Yes, I guess I could, if I had a working Aviogard :-)

Sometimes I wish I had more electrical engineering skills, because that solution looks to be exactly what is needed (I have never heard of a schottky diode before, even less a reversed biased one). I would have replaced the bulb with something more durable though. This will prevent the battery from draining too many amps when charging, an the diode will allow full power from the backup battery.

I have to sort out the broken Aviogard first in any case.

I also received plans for the Verhees Delta. ATM this looks like a much more fun project than the RV-4 when the Onex soon is finished.The Delta looks to be a perfect match for the D-motor also. I have lots of time studying the drawings before deciding anything, a year or two from now. I have only had a short glimpse at the drawings, but they look excellent, and the design is straightforward, it's only one wing. A very good builders guide is also included.


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