Sunday, February 05, 2017

Measuring wings and aft pin

I tried to measure if the wings were straight, and got a little shocked when I found that they were twisted. I measured from the wings to the floor. Then I thought, just maybe, the floor isn't all that straight (When it was made I knew it wasn't completely straight, but...)

Borrowed a leveling laser from the lab, and rigged it up with the aircraft. The laser was in front of the aircraft and the light was directed to the wing tips, and any other point I liked to check. The wings are straight as can be. At least as straight as it is possible to measure with that laser. Phuuu :-)  (I still have to measure the trailing edge to be really sure it is straight, but I think it is. When measuring from the floor, it was the leading edges that were off.)

Then drilled and reamed the right aft pin hole. The pin shaft needed to be bent a little to let it go easily in and out.

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