Saturday, March 03, 2018

Mascot charger

Got the Mascot charger. Works like a charm, no noises of any kind, or heating.

But, the solution with a charger has a weak point. It is way too easy to forget the switch to the backup battery in "ON", and this will overload the Aviogard. A diode would do the trick - I guess. Then again, the main problem is that the Aviogard is not dimensioned with enough amp to be able to charge a battery without entering into break-down mode. There is another alternative. That is to charge the backup battery from the primary system, with or without the Mascot charger.

So, the old fashioned way will need at least three switches. A secondary master switch, a secondary backup switch in addition to the master switch and a diode to prevent the backup battery feeding the primary system. With the Mascot charger, I only need the primary and the secondary backup switch, and the charger will report the state of charge.

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