Sunday, March 18, 2018

More tank and oops fittings

Started making a new handle for the fuel shutoff valve. Had some scrap from the canopy that will work fine as a torque tube, and made mounted it to the valve with an angle so that the torque tube is in the center of the valve rotation. I'm not exactly sure how long it needs to be, and I need som descent looking knob, ut the function is OK.

Looking closer at the 1 inch oops fitting with the O-ring removed, I found that it was maybe 1/2-1 mm too close to the sight tube outlet and touched the protruding plastic on the inside. There is enough space on the inside to cut the hole at least 2-3 mm farter aft, but that is impossible to know up front. Using the sight tube outlet is probably a better choice? who knows. Filing off the oops fitting a little solved the problem.

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