Thursday, March 08, 2018

The power supply actually works

Got the Mascot 8660 today, and had to hook up the stuff ASAP on the kitchen table. Simulated the setup with my shop battery (7.2 Ah, 12 V), a car battery charger (4 A), my backup battery (6 Ah, 12V), the Mascot 2A DC-DC charger and all the lights and the EFIS. It just works. I can hook up the battery to the charger, or to the secondary system. No noises or heating or anything. I also tried handheld airband radio receiver to see if I could pick up some noise - nothing. So far so good.

I run down the backup battery until the lights stopped working. I then tried to hook the backup up to the charger and directly to the 8660. Everything just worked then as well, no heating or noise. Even an empty backup battery is no match for the Mascot 8660. The whole clue is due to the drooped voltage-load relation of the 8660 in my opinion. I will keep the charger though, it will off load the 8660 and charge the battery correctly, at very little added weight. With a 3 way switch I have full control. I had to open it up. It also has a TVS diode on the input, so no need to add another one.

It's a bit heavy, 1000 grams, but I guess I can easily offset that by eating a few cookies less the next months. I'm very happy about how things turned out in the end :-)

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