Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Tank tested for leaks

Got myself some NPT taps. Had to be as sure as possible that I could get these stupid NPT threads tight without applying so much force that I would destroy the molds. Drilled a hole in one nut and inserted a nipple, so I could get some pressurized air into the tank.

Then inserted the all the blocking nuts and the oops fittings. Used Loctite on all the NPT fittings. The local shops had closed for Easter vacation, so I made some soap and water and used as a leak finder. That worked - I think. No bobbles could be detected at least. So the tank is tight. Sonex has stopped making this tank. The new tanks use oops fittings only. The oops fittings are very nicely made, and have proven themselves. The original tank with the molded fittings for NTP threads is just a sad story. I just hope that without any mechanical forces acting on the remaining molded fittings, they will stay tight. There is no pressure in there to speak of, so I think they will keep.

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